“Joyful Inspiration is an awesome organization that has just touched the tip of the iceberg of what they are going to do. Their current programming is extremely valuable, and I’m glad to be able to be a part of it!”–Michelle Taylor

“I feel my calling from God is to help and to empower women. As a survivor of 33 years and a volunteer it was a great experience to be involved with and hope to be a volunteer with Joyful Inspiration for all future retreats.”–Jackie Weatherly


“I am a survivor and volunteer to any and all in need of a laugh, good cry or just a smile. This was the first time in a long time that I’ve felt so much love, compassion, free-willed, unshackled and all at a cost of FREE. I’ve survived being sex trafficked at the age of 15 by an abuser who was 51 and now I am 29. God broke the chains on valentines day!! I’m in recovery from drug abuse, domestic violence, rape, mental torture and years of brainwashing. I have a 7-year old daughter that I lost custody of because I chose my abuser. Today I can honestly say he is powerless over me!! God is and will always continue to be my everything. This weekend’s experience was just WOW, overwhelming in the best way. I met women who are empowered but in the beginning appeared somewhat broken just like me. I was treated with love, kindness and respect that I didn’t believe possible without my abuser.  I caught myself smiling an actual real smile and felt empowered from the inside out. These ladies are special angels who opened their hearts and a spectacular home. We cried, we laughed, we prayed, we played, we danced, and we sang. The vision that I received from the retreat is that with God and empowering sisters from all aspects of life, origin and spirituality, anything is absolutely possible! I am honored to share this with all that are reading, may God bless all of my sisters in Christ from coast to coast, together we can live and do the most!”–Nakesha (prefers not to use last name)

“I work in a hospital clinic as a nationally certified medical assistant. I finally mustered the strength and called the police on my abuser in February of 2016 and I have been away from him for two years. This weekend helped me learn that it’s time for me to move to the other side of abuse. It’s time to step towards letting go of the past and the stories and maybe even toward forgiveness. Jesus has led me in every step of safety and starting a new life. I am so thankful to Him. I am also thankful for the Christian atmosphere that Jenea provides. This retreat is a gathering of sisters who are healing together.”– Bernadette (prefers not to use last name)


“The kindness and tools extended in this program are incomparable. Domestic acts of violence whether verbal or physical send reprogramming messages to the brain. After abuse, healthy thoughts are replaced with feelings of unworthiness and failure that can span a lifetime. Jenea and her team of educated humanitarians help pick up the pieces. Joyful Inspiration promotes refocusing energy towards healing and happiness. As a survivor and a volunteer I can’t say enough good things about this organization. God is definitely up to something amazing here!”–Michelle Keller

“I was inspired and encouraged by other women in all walks on their journey at this retreat. It felt great to be loved on and built up in such a relaxed, fun, safe environment as JOYFUL INSPIRATION–without this organization I would not have had the chance to meet such amazing women to fill my cup with hope, encouragement and strength to keep going. I will definitely attend again and look forward to the  next retreat!!

I would love to help out more next time ; )–Anonymous