Our Process

Joyful Inspiration Day of Empowerment 2018 ~ photography by Mike Horm


The core of our belief is the love of God in our hearts and the desire to inspire a healthy, happy recovery for survivors of domestic violence. We are a diverse group of volunteers that include: humanitarians; life coaches; massage therapists; educators; leaders and so many others! Much of our educational resource comes from our own experiences, because many of our volunteers are also survivors. With empathy that is born of personal experience we are committed to making a direct and immediate impact on the lives of survivors. The end goal of our mission is to initiate the healing process individually by providing the tools necessary to begin the journey to inner happiness, peace and self sustainability. The objective of our focus is to start the path to emotional freedom and begin the road to reclaiming their lives. The outcome is a combined effort to restore the strength and happiness to the survivor so that they can return to happiness with their children and families, without obstacle creation or the  dependence and influence of the abuser.

We welcome women from anywhere in the state of Texas to come and enjoy a weekend retreat, absolutely free of charge, with no strings attached. Currently space is available for 15 survivors and six volunteers. We are also serving women who are in safe houses and have recently escaped from their abusers who do not stay onsite for the protection of others, but are welcomed to participate in all of our events during the day.

To attend ladies need to fill out the scholarship or volunteer application on our website.

Currently we are operating wholly as a privately funded model. All of our services are donated by members of the community, and our food is supplied by monetary and item donations. Through these donations we are able to offer these incredible ladies a weekend full of empowerment, hope and love.

Additionally we seek help with follow-up services that help tremendously toward the healing journey. Examples of services include but are not limited to: legal services; massage; acupuncture; chiropractic; cosmetologists; and dinner gift cards for moms to have mommy/child dates. Furniture and clothes donations are always accepted and greatly appreciated. More than 70 percent of women never leave their abuser due to the fear of losing everything they own and not being able to “survive.” All donations of time,  services and clothes, etc., go a long way toward helping a victim become a survivor of domestic violence and initiate their fresh start.