Jenea Frierson Bio

Jenea Frierson is a survivor of domestic violence who decided to make a difference in the culture of violence instead of being complacent and accepting it as a ‘part of life.’ A 19-year massage therapist, Frierson has worked with post-surgery patients as well as athletes and trauma patients. Over the years the Lord placed people from all walks of life in her path. Her vision is a result of communication with many domestic violence survivors as well as walking through her own personal fire.
A massage therapy instructor as well as the owner of Fit Fascia Solutions, she realized that as successful as she had been in business she still was not fulfilled. Frierson wanted to create change on a larger scope. When her calling was clear, she reached out to several of her colleagues and clients that believed in her vision. Together they formed a board of directors and moved forward with launching Joyful Inspiration. As the founder and event director Jenea plans the weekend retreats and oversees community outreach and continues to create new programs.