Help With Your Donations

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Always welcome donation items


  • Massage gift certificates
    • (what a gift! Safe healing touch)
  • Restaurant gift certificates
    • (for our Mommy/Child dinner program)
  • Salon gift certificates
    • (a new do goes a long way to lifting a woman’s self-esteem!)
  • Chiropractic services
    • (always helps to heal the body as you heal the soul)
  • Self-defense classes
    • (it’s so important to give them their power back)
  • Gym memberships
    • (how uplifting to get back in tune with your body!)
  • Gift Cards
    • (grocery stores, visa, Wal-Mart, etc)
  • Clothes
    • (clean new or gently used)




Our most requested service


“Legal advice and assistance is the number one area of need requested by our survivors.”


The separation from their current situation and their path to self sustainability is often riddled with legal issues resulting from the  dissolving of the relationship. This is greatly multiplied when children are involved. Clearing this hurdle is often one of the most difficult and emotional parts of the path to a free future.


Legal counseling, assistance, and services can be the linchpin to a new start and a successful future.


We would like to be able to direct these wonderful woman to more free and low cost programs to help in this area. Especially helpful is donated firm or personal hours. We also would love to make available time for group speakers or hosted discussions along with personal one on one sessions.


If you can help, or know those who can, with this most needed area please contact our founder Jenea Frierson  at or 832-466-3275


Thank You

So often we are asked “How can I help” 

Well……. This is our needs list. Any and all help is appreciated and goes directly to helping our survivors strengthen their new life paths.



In our day-to-day pursuit to help these wonderful women we occasionally find that we to have needs. This time we have a big one.


We are seeing that some of our women, at their most vulnerable, are on occasion having difficulty locating transportation to our retreat events. So we are currently in the need of a passenger van so we can provide transportation to allow these women to enjoy the benefits these retreats can provide.


Cash donations are always the most helpful, any and every amount helps, or if you you have the ability to help in any way it will be greatly appreciated.


As our women rebuild their lives lets not let this roadblock hinder their ability to grow at our retreat events!


Thank you