Come join us for a weekend of hope,fun and encouragement! We will have art, self-defense, speakers, food, fun and fellowship!!  Bring the kids and come out and experience the joy of a community of women that have survived domestic violence!

February Day of Empowerment Retreat

Join us in a weekend filled with hope, encouragement and fun! No cost,no strings attached! Our group of survivor volunteers come together to share their experience, strength and hope with women that have survived the emotional, physical and spiritual abuse from a partner. We offer self-defense,art, vision boards, survivor speakers and much more! Come let us remind you just how special you really are!

Cookie Baking Day!

A day of fun with the ladies baking cookies! Bring your favorite recipe or use ours participate or keep us company as we bake cookies to share!






Who doesn’t smile when they with a Christmas cookie in their hands?

Day of Empowerment Retreat

Come experience a weekend filled with hope,encouragement and fellowship. Ladies come out Saturday morning and participate in a day full of events. We offer: yoga,self-defense, art session, survivor speakers and vision board sessions. All at no cost to survivors of domestic violence.

Ladies self-defense class

Come learn basic self-defense tactics with us! We are offering free classes to women in the east Texas area every other Tuesday evening. The event is sponsored by Joyful Inspiration, Meals on Wheels, and Shorin-Ryu Karate Academy.

Empowerment Retreat

Come join us for a weekend filled with fellowship, fun and growth opportunities! We will have a night of connecting and fellowship on Friday. Saturday will be full of self-defense, yoga, speakers, vision boards and more connecting with women who have escaped abuse and have thrived at life!

Family Game Day

Come enjoy a day of food, games and fellowship! We will be offering free time to play and connect with your kiddos, as well as organized group activities! Come learn how to communicate and connect.

Sponsorship Opportunities


Joyful Inspiration is a charitable organization that provides help for the survivors of domestic abuse.

We put on a retreat for survivors of domestic violence every 4 months. These retreats provide a weekend of esteem building activities, educational presentations, self defense courses, an awesome lunch and a whole lot of fun to assist these ladies in moving ahead with their lives.

Although we provide this at no charge to the survivors, it comes in at cost to our organization of approximately $300.00 per attendee. Our response to these retreats has been wonderful and almost overwhelming. The good they do is easily measurable. Take the time to look at the testimonials and photos at our website (

We are now seeking donations towards funding the retreat by means of sponsorship for individual survivors. It cost us approximately $300 per lady to put on the retreat. (Remember there is no charge to the survivors, volunteers are fed but uncompensated) We can serve around 20 survivors and 7-10 volunteers per retreat.

Reach into your heart and help sponsor one of these ladies. Full support of $300.00 will cover food lodging and activities for one survivor, but any amount will help.
We also welcome donations of gift cards to grocery stores or donations on the website to cover the cost of food and supplies. We also appreciate food, cakes cookies and supplies prior to the event weekends

They usually write a thank you to the donors with a testimonial of  their experience and a little of their story. Several have started penpal relationships with sponsors.
We do follow-up with these ladies over the next several months and place them with a mentor. We realize we can’t heal years of hurt in a weekend, but we use it as a start to the journey of healing.

If you are a survivor, know one, or just know how tough it can be reach out donate and help these strong ladies on their path to healing and self sustainability.

Any questions? contact or call.(phone number on website)


Thank you

Joyful Inspiration is a 501c3 corporation so your donation is Tax Deductible. We are entirely self and donation  funded

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