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The last few weeks have been very exciting around here! We had our 3rd Day of Empowerment retreat, and were so pleased at how many lives and hearts we touched. We had 23 women out that weekend and created some connections that will continue to grow. We saw ladies show up in the morning, closed off and suspicious. And ended the day with heart felt smiles and women allowing us to hug  and love on them.. I know to some people in the community that doesn’t sound like much… However when a woman has been abused, sometimes her entire life, or for years in an abusive relationship, allowing people in their personal space is a real act of trust. And our staff and volunteers were able to let these ladies be comfortable and safe enough to let go. It was AMAZING!


This week we have been really focusing on the launch of our Family Game Day. The kick off event will be March 24th at the facility in Palestine. Our event will be free of charge, serving single moms in the east Texas area.

About Game Day

 We have also been out in the community working on locking in our bi-monthly self defense class. We will be offering the self defense class free of charge to any woman in the area interested in committing the basic, effective get away tactics to memory! We are very passionate about self defense and doing the same thing over and over until it doesn’t take conscious thought but is committed to muscle memory. We had a testimonial from a prior retreat attendee about a situation she got in with a contractor in her home, due to our training she was able to handle it and get away safely.  


We look forward to getting more plugged into the community and finding ways to serve woman of all ages, situations and dempgraphics. Women NEED women.. It is a scientific fact that women need the social interaction and connection that comes with building healthy relationships with other women. Especially women that have suffered abuse, tend to shy away from connection. This is because they have been taught to not trust anyone, and have been isolated to the point of social anxiety. The connections these ladies make will go far in the process of helping them heal.


We are excited to see what all is instore for the program over this next year! Keep an eye on us!  You will see lives changed and women learning to love themselves!


Have a blessed day!


Jenea Frierson-Goodwin


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