Legal Need

Through surveys of domestic abuse survivors we have recognized the service they are in need of at the highest rate is legal services. Many of our clients have been married 20 plus years and had absolutely no control of the finances. Most of which don’t even know where the household stands financially. Their abuser has kept them in the dark as well as told them they have no way to get any of the assets. They do not know the law, AT ALL. They have been isolated and sheltered from friends, family and the public. The husbands control and manipulate them and reiterate that they really have no rights. They are in such a state confusion and feeling lost when they leave they don’t even know where to start. Some of these ladies husbands have plenty of assets that an attorney could recover legal fees from. Then there are the ones that have no assets and no where to turn. Economically they have no resources and no family that can help, even if they wanted to.
I would LOVE to find compassionate law firms that could take 1-5 pro bono cases a year, with the agreement that they could try to recover legal fees from the abusive spouse, however they would not hold our clients liable for fees. My philosophy is a little from many places, takes the pressure and weight off of  one place, and spreads good favor all around.

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    Great information Martin! We will add it to our resource page as soon as we get it up. Thank you!

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